How "The Power of Hormones" Helps Women Feel Energetic, Happy & in the Best of Health

34 year old New Zealand born mother, Ange Byrne, had to seek out her own answers after doctors continued to tell her she was fine because her lab test results were all normal... but she knew something was wrong.

She set out to create a hormone balancing guide that was easy to understand, simple to follow and easy to apply for most women - meaning women could take charge of their own health.

And she made some shocking discoveries about the truth about hormones from some of the leaders in the field of women's hormones.
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It Is Highly Likely That Your Hormones Are Out Of Balance & Causing A Lot Of Your Symptoms
I remember the exact moment that I decided enough was enough. I was driving down a main motorway with the kids in the car and I was tired like I always was… except this time I was so overwhelmingly tired that I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open. They kept closing and it felt like I had no control. I pulled over to the side of the road and called my husband to come and collect us. That was the moment I knew I couldn’t go single day more without dealing with these symptoms. There was no other option I had to do something.

I know how easy it is to convince yourself that it’s all in your head, that you’re just tired like everyone else. But actually everyone else has no idea how debilitating the all encompassing fatigue is. For me it took years of trial and error. I promised myself that once I made it through and felt well again I would create a guide that would save women all those years of trial and error. So I am so pleased you are here!
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